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Opportunities to join in!

Current Vacancies

We are very keen to grow all areas in our string section, so please do get in touch if you are interested in joining us.  You need to be able to play at least Grade 6 style pieces to be able to enjoy yourself.  We do not audition people, but suggest you come and try us out - by attending a rehearsal or two and seeing how you get on.   Our members are a mix of lifelong players, some late returners and some adult starters.  You can listen to the pieces we are preparing here.

If you are a wind player, like many orchestras we do not have any current vacancies, but please do get in touch as sometimes opportunities arise.


Come and Play Day

Each year we like to host a 'Come and Play' Day, where we invite musicians from Letchworth and beyond to join us for the day, to work on different pieces of the orchestral repertoire.

Expertly led by our Musical Director, Rowan Baker, it's a great way to play through some fantastic music, try out the orchestra, or get together with musical friends old and new.

In 2024 we will be playing Dvorak's 9th Symphony "From the New World" on Sunday 22nd September - the event is open to all string players Grade 5+. Some wind positions are available (trumpets, trombones) - email us to register your interest. 
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